About POS Restaurant Central: Our History and How We Work

Our Company History

In 2010, POS Restaurant Central launched as an easy way for restaurants and food service companies to save money on point of sale systems and software.

Just two years later, we’ve helped hundreds of restaurants, fast food establishments, and franchises find the best possible deals on POS systems. Our customers have saved hundreds to thousands of dollars on their equipment and software.

How to Compare POS System Prices

POS Restaurant Central has a network of around 200 different restaurant POS system dealers, including national, regional, and local companies.

  1. Tell us what you need.
  2. We connect you with up to 6 different dealers located near you, that can fulfill your needs.
  3. You receive up to 6 different price quotes on POS systems.
  4. Compare, choose the best deal, and save!

Available Brands of POS Systems

The dealers in our network carry a wide range of POS system hardware and software brands. These are just a few brands they carry:

  • Aloha
  • DiamondTouch
  • FireFly
  • Focus
  • Future
  • Pioneer
  • Restaurant Manager
  • SoftTouch
  • Vital Link

Contact Us

Have questions for us? Need more information about POS systems? Send us an email at contactus@possystemrestaurant.com.

Interested in partnering with us? Email us at sales@possystemrestaurant.com.