POS Features

POS system technology offers some incredibly useful features for all types of restaurants, from loyalty card programs and age verification to wireless connectivity and iPad compatibility. Check out some of the other features that are available on various POS systems to see how much a POS system can do for you.

24/7 POS Support Can Prevent Costly Downtime
Having 24/7 POS support can make or break your success in the restaurant industry. Find out what questions to ask to get the best support for your needs.
POS Restaurant Dealers Offer Industry-Specific Features
To ensure that your restaurant has a POS system with all the essential features, we recommend working with a POS restaurant dealer.
Inventory Loss Prevention
Find out how a POS system and scale can help you cut your bar and restaurant losses.
Online Ordering
Online ordering is a win-win feature for everyone. It allows customers to quickly place orders and allows owners to easily collect earnings.
Kitchen Management
Kitchen management tools allow for new efficiencies with today’s POS options. Using kitchen-linked POS systems can improve order efficiency, order timing, and order training.
iPad POS Systems
iPad POS systems have many benefits for a restaurant. It’s a fun feature for patrons, and it enhances the experience for your wait staff, cooks, and hosts.
Loyalty Cards
It’s always harder to find a new customer than keep an existing one. Make it easy to reward your loyal customers with incentives through your POS system.
POS Scale
In restaurants where customers serve themselves, the best way to charge is by the weight of their purchase. A POS with scales makes it quick and easy.
POS System Security
POS system security is an essential element of taking credit card information from customers. Having hardware that’s out of date leaves you at risk.
Touch Screen Restaurant POS
A touch screen POS system is great to have around because it catches input errors, clears disputes and reminds employees of restaurant protocols.
Wireless Restaurant POS
Wireless POS systems are great to have in restaurants but a lot of owners hesitate on buying them because of security concerns. Learn how secure wireless POS systems really are.
POS Systems For Menus
A POS system that’s built into menus can save your business time and money, making the ordering process foolproof and fast.
Table Service POS
Restaurants using POS systems for table service are on a different level in controlling costs, managing inventory, and making customers happy.
Portable POS Systems
Portable POS systems are great for both customers and staff. Here are the benefits.
Employee POS Benefits
POS systems aren’t only great for restaurant customers. They also make employees’ jobs easier and increase worker productivity.