Major benefits of bakery POS systems

Bakery POS
When filling on order using a bakery POS system you have more options. One of the many benefits the system gives you is the ability to take orders and not have a receipt which you have to keep track of. This comes in very handy when you are working on special orders such as birthday cakes, large orders of pastries and wedding cakes. You can easily see everything which is ordered and schedule out what needs to be done to fill the order.

The other side of using the bakery POS system is to help you quickly and easily take and fill orders for those buying your pre-baked goods. The system will help you by easy to use screens and an ability to calculate totals and taxes as well as being able to take payment directly through the system which took the order to begin with. This is handy for large orders with multiple items.

Generating invoices through the POS system for bakery stores

The POS system for bakery orders can be used to generate invoices. This is a benefit to bakeries which make deliveries. The invoice can be setup so the recipient can quickly and easily read everything which is on the invoice while they are receiving the delivery. The invoice can be set up to show the price of everything as well as the total amount which needs to be paid for the delivery.
The benefit to using the POS system for bakery invoices is the ability to easily account for all deliveries. This will not only make sure all deliveries are made on time and with the right items in the delivery. Using the POS system will also help you to keep track of all sales when figuring out sales, costs and other accounting logistics which are necessary to properly run your business.

Setting up screens on a bakery POS system

The screens on your bakery POS system will look different from the next bakery. This is not only because you will have different items to sell. This is also because you will have a different method for what makes the most logistical sense for your company. Instead of having everything on one screen, you may feel you want to set up the screens where you have subscreens.

The benefit of having sub screens is a cleaner appearance to the main screen. Your employees can then choose between merchandise and baked goods when ringing up a guest. The benefit of the different screens is your employees will be able to quickly and easily find all products by not having to search through a long list of different items on the same screen.