Do You Really Need a Sandwich Shop POS System?

Sandwich ShopTaking an order with the sandwich shop POS system is as easy as touching the screen. This allows the employee taking the order to put an order into the system as a guest is placing the order. The benefit of this is the employee will be able to read back the order which is on the screen in order to make sure the order is correct before the food is made.

Filling an order by using a POS system is easy because the system can print a receipt at all stations which are responsible for different tasks. The system can also separate the orders into the items which are made by different stations. This way the different stations will only see the orders which pertain to their station and will not have to weed out unimportant information to them.

Taking payments through the point of sale system for sandwich shop use

The point of sale system for sandwich shop use makes it possible to take any payments necessary. Different elements can be connected to the POS including a cash register, credit card machine and even a check reader. The methods of payment you will accept will determine which add-ons you need for your system. No matter what kind of payment you accept, the POS will make it easy to accept payment.

Not only will the point of sale system for sandwich shop use make it easy to take payments, it will help you to be able to account for the different payments in relation to the product which is being purchased to make the food. This helps for you to determine the profits for any given period based more on the actual sales versus inventory rather than a hypothetical.

Keeping track of payroll with the sandwich shop POS system

Payroll is just one of the many different ways you can use the sandwich shop POS system to your advantage. You can have all employees clock in using the POS system. This helps to track all hours worked. You can also use the system in order to make it where people cannot clock in unless they are on the schedule to work in a given period of time.

Using the sandwich shop POS system for payroll helps you to easily see ell hours which have been worked and the total amount which is to be paid out to every employee in a pay period. You can either use the POS system to calculate payroll taxes and what the total check for every employee should be or you can have the information transferred to another type of payroll software.