The Advantages of a Café POS System

There are many different reasons why the café POS system is important. The chief reason for the system is to take orders and to calculate totals correctly. The new systems will help you to easily ring up every customer in line much faster than ever before. This is because of the highly customizable screens which are available.

All screens will represent not only the menu you have, but the many different additions and notations which are important to make sure you get an order right the first time. The system has the ability to do so much more than just ring up guests’ totals properly. It also has the ability to charge credit cards and calculate totals for change when appropriate.

How payroll fits into the system

Payroll is a great feature of a café POS system. This is because the system can easily clock in all employees. You can also set up the system to calculate breaks and even have employees which might sign in under different pay grades depending on what kind of job they are doing that day.

The best part about using a café POS system is you get a detailed look at the clock-ins, clock-outs and the total hours for the week. Many even have the system set up to help calculate the pay the employee will receive for each week. This is easily plugged into payroll software to remove all applicable employee taxes.

A more accurate inventory with the coffee shop POS system

Coffee is not cheap and neither are the desserts and other items you may be selling along with the coffee. This is why it is highly important to use a system which will accurately tally the inventory which is on hand and remove from your tally every time a sale is made. This will help to give an at-a-glance inventory which you can cross reference with the actual inventory.

Using a café POS system for inventory has helped many businesses to reduce theft, pilferage and waste. It is a great way to find out what inventory goes missing on what shifts. Your employees will know you are holding them accountable and will make sure not to steal from you. The system will also help you to better track what you need to buy and when.