What’s Different About a Fast Food POS System?

Fast Food POS SystemThose using the fast food POS system most often request the system be as easy to use as possible. This is because the majority of people working with the company will need to be trained as quickly as possible.These systems mostly include a very simple to use interface which has keys to represent every different item on the menu and the different combo meals they can be used in.

While the food on the menu board might change, the one thing which will remain the same is the sequence of buttons which will need to be pressed in order to make a type of food be a combo. The buttons can be re-organized and re-programmed in order to accommodate any changes. The buttons which remain the same throughout any changes are usually kept in the same place to make things easier.

Receiving payments with the point of sale system for fast food restaurant use

The preferred method of payment with the point of sale system for fast food restaurant use is cash. This is why the majorities of these systems are stationary and are connected to a cash register. At the very least, the POS is attached to a cash drawer which will be activated whenever the cashier hits the cash payment button on the unit.

Since credit card payments have become more standard, the point of sale system for fast food restaurants have been modified to accept the payments. Many of the units will include a slot which the credit card can be read directly at the unit. Others are connected to a reader which is accessible by the guest so they will be able to enter their PIN number f they are deciding to run the card as a debit purchase.

The speed of the fast food POS system

In order to make the fast food POS system as fast as possible, the orders are not printed out on tickets. The orders which are placed by the guests are displayed on screens in the kitchen. This allows many people in the kitchen to quickly see everything which is ordered at once. The line can start making orders while the prep crew can get an idea for everything which is going to need to be replenished.

As the orders are being filled, the fast food POS system can be updated. This makes it where less duplicate content is made. The outcome is a shorter period of time to create the food as it is ordered. This allows the guest to get the freshest possible food. The fresher the food is, the more likely they will enjoy it and keep coming back to your restaurant over the competition.