Why You Should Consider Bar POS Systems

Bar POS SystemThe bar POS system is very important because alcohol costs more than most any other commodity. The markup on alcohol is very low compared to the markup which can be attributed to such things as food or retail items. It is in the best interest of any bar owner to keep close tabs on all inventories. This is exactly what the POS system is used for other than to calculate tabs.

Every time a drink is rung in, it is removed from the running inventory the bar is keeping. This can be accomplished even for specialty drinks and mixed drinks. This is done by inputting a recipe into the system. Every time the drink is wrung in, the specific elements which make up the drink are removed from the inventory and you can get an at-a-glance look at what you have on hand.

Using the POS system for bar accountability

One big problem many bars have is drinks not being wrung in and heavy pours. There are different solutions which can help to overcome this when you are using a POS system for bar orders. The first thing which should be done is to keep a close eye on the inventory. If the inventory always comes up short from where it should be according to the system, there is a problem.

Many bars have started using pour spouts which are linked in with the system. If a drink is poured without an order being wrung in, it will make a record of it. This is something which a POS system for bar security can immediately warn the manager about. This can help to drive home the message to bartenders you are serious about the accountability of alcohol.

Ordering made easy with the bar POS system

One of the great things about the bar POS system is it keeps an accurate long term record of sales. This is a great way to not only track slow periods, but to anticipate periods which are historically better sales periods for you. This will help you to prepare for periods in which you will have a high demand on alcohol. It can help you not to be caught unprepared for a rush.

In order to make ordering as simple as possible, you can have your bar POS system work out a par system which will help you to calculate how much you should expect in the near future. This will help you to place the orders which will keep you in business. It is also a great way to take a second look at drinks which are not selling very well in order to stop buying certain types of products.