The Differences Between a Chinese Restaurant POS and a Standard System

Chinese Food POS SystemThe menus which are loaded into the Chinese restaurant POS are often quite more complicated than those loaded into the ordinary POS. This is because on top of the many different dishes which are on the ordinary menu, there are many different variations which must be made available. All of this must be accomplished in the shortest period of time possible in order to rush out orders.

The design of the Chinese restaurant POS is made for the user to quickly and easily find the foods they are looking for and get the order rung in as quickly as possible. The other main benefit for many restaurants using this kind of software is the fact the language used on the screens is Chinese rather than English or any other kind of language those using the system may not be familiar with.

Options in the POS for Chinese restaurant use

Those looking to install a POS for Chinese restaurant use should consider all of the different options they have available. It is important to consider the clientele you are serving as well as your employees. Making receipts which are written in both English and Chinese will make it possible for those who speak English to easily reference what they were charged.

The other options you may want to consider are multi-language screens. This is a good idea if you are planning on hiring people who speak English as a first language to work for you. While those who know Chinese as a second language will be able to find the orders they are looking to place, they will be able to find them written in their native tongue a lot easier.

The importance of the Chinese restaurant POS system

While the Chinese restaurant POS will have much the same features as a regular POS, the big advantage they have is in the interface with computer software. Much of the software you may be using for payroll or other restaurant usage will be based on Chinese language systems. If you use an English based POS system, it can cause problems in information being lost from one system to the next.

Because the Chinese restaurant POS system is designed specifically for the Chinese restaurant, it is designed to make it easier for use. This includes all the many different variations as well as special orders which will need to be passed along to the kitchen. It is quite often possible to type out a message in Chinese to be printed on a ticket for the kitchen staff who will be cooking the food to the exact specifications of the guest.