Is a Deli POS System Really Worth It?

Deli POS SystemThose who own a deli will find a lot of use from a deli POS system. The system is set up to make it as easy as possible for you to take and fill orders. The kind of system which will be right for you will depend a lot on the size of your establishment and the size of the menu you are working with. This is because the number of screens and the number of units needed will vary.

The screen of the deli POS system is set up in order to make it as easy as possible on those taking the order. The screen menus can be setup in a manner which is logical based on the buttons which are used the most often. It is also very common for the system to be connected to a cash drawer, credit card machine or both depending on the establishment and the methods of payment they accept.

Setting up a point of sale system for a deli

When setting up a deli POS system, it may be necessary to set up multiple units. This can be done in order to maintain a flow in your deli. You can have one unit which is setup to take the order. This will generate a ticket which you can give to your guest. They can then pay for their order along with any extras they pick up from inside the store when the order has been completed at a second unit.

The most popular method is to have a cash register which is separate from the ordered foods. This allows your guests to easily pick up items from your store whether they are buying made to order food or not. This requires for you to have two different registers as a point of sale system for a deli.

Accounting with a deli POS system

The deli POS system can also be set up to help you out with different accounting needs. Payroll is something which can easily be tracked using the POS system. This is done by having your employees clock in through the POS system. You can even set up the system to have multiple pay grades for employees depending on what kind of job they will be completing for you that day.

Using the deli POS system for inventory purposes is easy because you can load in every delivery as soon as you get them. This will allow the system to keep track of what should be on hand based on the sales which have been made. You can also track the number of items sold on any particular day as well as the history of items sold to anticipate any large sales period coming up.